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EVERYONE facing a cancer diagnosis needs to know about proton therapy. My books and websites are sources of the information you need, both the experience of the treatment and the technology itself.

These books are in full color and cost $19.95 on Amazon. That's a modest investment for such an important life-saving topic. I have priced the books two dollars above the minimum price required by Amazon. This isn't a profit center for me. In fact, considering the time and cost of my activities, it is definitely a labor of love and a public service.

The kindle versions of these books cost only $7.95 and have a few added features (related to being able to have live links, which print books can't). With a print book, the number of pages deterines the minimum price. There is no such limit for ebooks. So, I have added a few more comments in the electronic version. If you have a black-and-white kindle, you can still enjoy the full color illustrations by getting a kindle app on your computer or ipad and looking at the book(s) there.


These editions have been updated and retitled. I feel that each title should clearly express the content and intent of the book. Some new studies have been added and the list of proton therapy centers updated.



You must be strong to find your way through resistance from your doctor and misinformation from critics to learn the truth about proton therapy, a type of radiation that will someday be used to treat the majority of cancers. Compared to chemotherapy, surgery, or x-rays, protons typically get a better result, do less damage to healthy tissue, and produce fewer side effects. Yet the general public is largely unaware of proton therapy. This book hopes to remedy that situation.

Protons are charged particles from the nucleus of hydrogen atoms that release all of their energy in the target (such as a malignant tumor), disabling the cancer’s ability to reproduce. And then they stop. There is no damaging exit through the body as with x-rays, no scalpels, no chemicals.

Sure, there are some issues. The treatment is very technical, quite costly, and sometimes not covered by insurance. Sadly, ignorance about proton therapy can cause patients needless suffering and harm.

Most likely, your doctor won’t recommend proton therapy. Those who make their living from other modalities are circling the wagons to defend against this newcomer. To be treated with proton therapy, you may have go your own way, find information in books like this, and make your decision in spite of your doctor. Thousands have done that already, and are glad they did. In the best of all worlds, you would have a progressive doctor who understands the revolutionary nature of proton therapy.

The best way for this valuable information to reach the public is through word of mouth. Robert Ferré was treated for prostate cancer with proton therapy in the fall of 2016. He was so impressed that he has written books and started websites to help bring this valuable information to the public. This book could save your life, or that of a loved one.



● Why your urologist never told you about proton therapy
● Proof proton therapy gives the best results with fewest side effects
● How proton therapy out-performs x-rays, surgery and brachytherapy
● The author’s personal journey with proton therapy
● The most recent technological advances not covered in older books
● A program in which Medicare pays 80% of the cost of treatment
● How to get coverage from recalcitrant insurance companies
● The amazing capacity of pencil beam scanning technology
● How protons stop at the tumor whereas x-rays go through the body
● Types of cancer treated with proton beam therapy besides prostate
● Plentiful photos and illustrations in full color for clarification
● A glimpse to the future: fewer sessions, lower cost, greater availability
● A current list of all proton therapy centers in the United States

Your book looks great….I think you did a great job simplifying the physics so that more people can understand and appreciate what goes on behind the scenes.
(Ben Robison, Chief Medical Physicist, Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center, Knoxville, Tennessee)

I have been told your book is the best book on proton therapy on the market! Your book will help positively effect the lives of so many cancer patients, and I'm looking forward to sharing this with a lot of patients!
(Samantha Kirk, Patient Care Coordinator, Provision CARES Proton Therapy Center, Knoxville, Tennessee)

On this website you will find photos and illustrations from the earlier editions, along with captions, stories, and other information, all at no cost. Here as a reminder are the covers of the previous editions.

Click here for photos and illustrations.

The above link will take you to extensive material, including text, photos, illustrations, captions, links, and much more. You can learn a lot about proton therapy here without ever buying a book.


Over and over the benefits of proton therapy are repeated:

1. Protons are more accurate than x-rays, less invasive than surgery, and more targeted than chemotherapy.

2. Protons hit their target and then stop, unlike x-rays that go right through the whole body.

3. Protons do minimal damage to surrounding tissue and organs, which makes it the right treatment in places that x-rays and surgery fear to go.

4. Pencil beam scanning (PBS) is a type of proton therapy that delivers the dose in rows and layers of spots. The targets do not need to be contiguous. Here is an example.

As long as some form of imaging can identify the targets, such as CT or PET scans, x-rays, MRIs, or some combination thereof, PBS could treat all of the red marbles in the above jar, and spare the white ones. Or vice versa. You can't do that with x-rays or surgery.


Reviews are the lifeblood of an author. Would you buy a book before reading the reviews? If you have read any of my books, please go to Amazon and leave a favorable review. You can find direct links to the review page in the sidebar to the right.


The purpose of my books is to give the reader information about proton therapy from my personal point of view as a previous patient treated with this technology. I am NOT giving medical advice. If you think you might want to have proton therapy, contact a proton center and ask for a consultation. Do NOT rely solely on the contents of my books or websites. Seek proper medical advice from a source currently engaged in the application of proton therapy. You may contact me for corrections to this book, to ask questions, or to elaborate on my personal experience, but NOT for medical advice, for which I am unqualified. I do, however, have very strong well-supported opinions, which I express freely. My books are not scientific reports filled with footnotes and attributions. They are my observations and personal account of the current state of proton therapy. If you disagree with me, feel free to write your own book.


The original book was a bit pricey at $29.95 (due to being in full color and distributed worldwide). So I wrote a slightly abridged edition in a smaller format, in black-and-white. It cost only $14.95. The photos on this website were intended for the benefit of the readers of that black and white edition, as well as eBook readers that do not have color capability.

In 2018 the original books were slimmed down, and are available only on Amazon and not from your library or bookstore. For that reason, the price is lower ($19.95 in both instances). As a result, there is no longer a need for the abridged edition (see cover below, left), which has now been discontinued. The first ebook was also discontinued (below, right). I know this is confusing, but I feel I am zeroing in on the best format, price, and content.

If you want one of these books for free, just send me your name and address.

The books shown above havealso been discontinued in favor of the new updated versions. I kow this may be confusing, but I want to direct people to the latest editions and information.

Thank you for your interest in my books and the topic of proton therapy. I wish you good reading.

Robert Ferre


Robert Ferré on first day of proton therapy treatment, September 1, 2016.

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Proton Therapy Destroys Cancer

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Prostate Cancer Conquered with Proton Therapy

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