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Welcome to my proton books site. Here you will find descriptions of the books, many many photos and illustrations, links to Amazon, and links to my other proton-related websites. If you have the black-and-white kindle version, see the link below.

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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy (2018 update)

This book is entirely about proton therapy (PT). If you are a man, or the spouse, relative, or friend of a man who has prostate cancer, you need to read this book. It contains current information not available from any other single book.

Proton therapy is a type of radiation treatment that uses protons instead of X-rays to treat cancer. Because of their unique characteristics, protons successfully target the cancer while sparing the healthy tissue. Positively charged protons are separated from hydrogen gas and injected into a cyclotron which energizes them and accelerates them to two-thirds the speed of light. The subsequent beam of protons moves through a vacuum transport system controlled by magnets that organize, focus and direct the beam to the appropriate treatment room. As protons come through the nozzle, a device shapes, scatters, or scans the protons (depending on the system used), delivering them to the depth of the tumor where they release all of their energy in a big burst. There’s no exit path beyond the target through the body as with x-rays. In these pages I describe in detail my personal experience, including actual photos of me on the treatment table while receiving the protons. I also explain the amazing technology that makes this treatment possible.



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Ebook edition
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Print edition
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See photos and illustraions from these books.


Proton Therapy: Revolutionary Treatment for 80% of ALL Cancers

Proton therapy is suitable for 80% of all cancers, not just prostate cancer. So I wrote a book covering the wider possibilities of this technology. Of particular interest are the graphs comparing X-rays and protons. I have included all of those illustrations here on this website. See: Comparison. Also photos.



Vital Information
About Protons
The Technology
Cancers Treated
...Base of Scull
...Brain Tumors
...Breast Cancer
...Esophageal Cancer
...Head and Neck Cancer
...Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
...Liver Cancer
...Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
...Optical Tumors
...Oropharynx Cancer
...Pediatric Cancers
...Pelvic Chondrosarcoma
...Skin Cancer
...Spinal Cord Tumors
How Protons Kill Cancer
The Future
My Experience
Use of Internet Material
Proton Therapy Centers in the U.S.
Centers Planned or Under Construction
Centers Closed or on Hold
Foreign Proton Centers of Interest
Final Note
Book Review: Saving Ashya by Naghmeh King
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Ebook edition
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Print edition
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The purpose of my books is to supply helpful information about proton therapy and related subjects. I do NOT give medical advice. I only share my experience and my opinions. Do not use my information to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Seek help from from your doctor or a qualified medical professional. Neither I, Robert Ferré, nor Labyrinth Enterprises, LLC, are responsible for any consequences stemming from the use of this information. References are provided for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of any other websites or sources. My purpose is to educate the public about proton therapy. I am not confident that your family doctor, urologist, or radiologist may know enough about proton therapy to give you good advice. If you believe it might be the right treatment for your cancer, I suggest contacting a proton therapy center and asking for a consultation. At least consider going for a second opinion. Thank you for your interest in proton therapy.

Bulk and wholesale purachasing

CreateSpace Direct is a source for volume wholesale purchases of the book. Here is information from their website:

CreateSpace Direct Reseller Application

In order to take advantage of the wholesale prices from CreateSpace Direct, you will need to follow these three steps:

1. Create a CreateSpace customer account. If you already have a CreateSpace customer account, please follow the steps below.

2. Download and complete the Resale Verification Form. Fax it, along with your Resale Certificate or international equivalent, to: (206) 922-5928, Attn: CreateSpace Direct Reseller program.

Please note that a valid state sales tax permit number is required to certify that the products are being purchased for resale. For Libraries it is not necessary to provide a Resale Certificate, just fill out the form below, indicate that you are a Library and a customer service representative will be in touch.

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Print on Demand

Print on demand (POD) has revolutionized publishing. No longer must the author or the distributor have a garage or warehouse piled high with printed copies awaiting sale, getting beaten up and damaged. Now, when you order the book from Amazon, they then print it and send it to you. Especially for books serving smaller niche audiences, POD means the difference between getting in print or not. This is a photo of an Espresso Book Machine (EBM) which, despite its name, does not make coffee, it prints books, including gluing on the cover, in about two or three minutes. I suspect that CreateSpace has much larger capacity machines. Their customer service is spectacular, as is their response time.

For example, on a Wednesday I uploaded my book (as a single pdf file) and cover (also pdf file) to CreateSpace. The next day, Thursday, I got a notice of a probem with the cover. I fixed the problem and uploaded a new cover. On Friday the book was approved (passed the technical requirements) and I ordered three proof copies. On Tuesday I received them, having paid for expedited delivery. Still, it took less than a week from uploading the manuscript to having the physical books in my hands. Quite amazing. In the print book industry, that can take months.

In previous books, I have made corrections to the text, then uploaded a new version. It takes the book off of Amazon for a few days, then the new version becomes available. Very cool. Of course, printing isn't the main issue, marketing is. With so many thousands of books being printed every day, getting found is not easy. If you have enjoyed this book, please:
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Our other websites are also of interest: (A list of proton therapy centers in the U.S.) (Our proton therapy blog.)



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Best Prostate Cancer Treatment: Proton Beam Therapy

Ebook edition
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Print edition
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Proton Therapy: Revolutionary Treatment for 80% of ALL Cancers

Ebook edition
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Print edition
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See my blog/website about proton beam therapy:

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Other Books

This book isn't my first memoir. I wrote a book about the cruise industry, my wife's and my love story, and a travelogue entitled Cruise of the Heart: Memoir of a Transatlantic Voyage. It has its own website:
or order it from Amazon:
Kindle ebook


During my twenty- year career as a labyrinth builder I wrote a number of books on that subject. You can find them on Amazon.

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